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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Product Review: Shawill BB Cream

Note: All opinions expressed are of my own experience with the said product. There may be different experiences shared by others. A product that works for me may not work out for you or vice versa.

Around four months ago, I dropped by Trinoma with my friend and former co-worker. She was actually to meet with her boyfriend but she doesn't know how to get there. And since I'm such a good friend and don't want her to be by herself, I decided I'd tag along, not that I know how to get there. I've only been to Trinoma once when I was with my illest family which was a very long time ago and I'm not really good at remembering directions. It takes me ten visits to be able to remember how to get to where, no matter how easy the route is.

Anyway, while waiting for her boyfriend, we decided to go snooping around at Landmark because that's the cheapest place we can think of. After a non-stop walkathon around at one of the cosmetic stalls, something cheap caught my attention and I saw the Shawill BB Cream.

Please excuse the crappy quality of the photo, I just used my phone to take a photo since my camera broke. And yes, you can see that the bottle was already affected by time.

Around that time, BB creams are viral among bloggers and youtube gurus. There was an absolute craze for it. But with all the benefits it claims to do, why would an entire beauty community crave for it when all other liquid foundations claim the mostly the same thing?

nerd time
For those who missed out, the BB in BB cream stands for Blemish Balm, or blemish base, or for westerners, the beauty balm. The Blemish Balm cream was formulated in Germany for the sole purpose of being a treatment for patients who underwent surgeries, mostly to heal their scars. It was then introduced to Korea as cosmetic, claiming to be the Actresses' secret - hmm, with the beautiful skin most Korean celebrities, guess we now know why having it went viralBlemish Balm or BB Cream is a multi-tasking skin product that is said to be able to moisturize, protect against the sun, soothe skin, prime skin and give full coverage.

During those times, I'll admit I was a bit curious about it too. I didn't believe the whole it can regenerate skin thingy but I was looking for something to use to cover my scars other than a heavy foundation. So I bought it, because out of all the bb creams I saw it was the cheapest and, and, and it's made by an Asian brand! Now, of course I wouldn't buy anything without researching and out of all the reviews out there - both in YouTube and in blogs, it concluded that eastern BB creams are better.

Unfortunately, it only has 4 shades. So I chose the shade before darkest one because the other two was way too light for me, and obviously the darkest was too dark for me. The next day I used it for work and it went fairly well, blended evenly. I didn't give much of an observation with it, but I'll tell you one thing I notice though.. I broke out around my cheeks and chin the next day. I wasn't sure if it was the bb creams because at the time, I was switching my skin care routine and tried out a new moisturizer. So I had to stop using it for a few months to clear my skin and come back for another try.

And here it is, the full verdict. I did a thorough observation this time.


On the back of the bottle, you will see the amount of heaven it claims to do:
"It helps to shield/protect and regenerate skin. It covers dark rings, acne marks, uneven skin tone naturally, giving your skin a naturally glow"

Pretty awesome, right? Plus on the box, it says Regenerate Skin, Conceal Blemish and Whitens. The transparent texture cream is suitable for all skin type. Your face will become smooth and naturally bright. Nourishes skin while applying and makes skin look radiant and healthy. Protect your skin from sun rays 30 times longer than normal.


Water, Paraffinum, Liquidum, Glycerin, Titanum Dioxide, Propylene Glycol, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Dimethicone, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cetearyl Alcohol, Butyrospermum Parkii Oil, iron Oxide Yellow, PPg-15 Stearyl Ether, Diazoldinyl Urea, Xantham Gum, Methylparaben, Iron Oxide Black, Parfum, Disodium EDTA

So, money wise and with what it claims to do, this product is a solid steal. 168php for 1.50 fl. oz. (45mL) of bb cream. My L’Oreal True Match foundation has 30mL and that already cost me almost a thousand. And here, you get for 168pesos for 45mL of bb cream plus the claims. Again, solid stee-e-eal

Shade Matches

Unfortunately, the shade range isn’t that good. The BB Cream only has four shades. Number 01, 02, 03, 04 – four being the darkest. I chose Shade 03. Here's a little swatch, but ladies please remember that this is the closest I can find that is closer to mine:

Both shade 03 and 04 have pink undertones which is not really an issue since I’m an olive tone and both cool and warm looks okay on me. But of course, this can be an issue because loads of Filipino women have warm skin tones and having such scarce shades can be a pain.


The packaging, I really like because it’s really sleek. The BB Cream comes in a squeezy tube. Although it doesn’t really look all that glamorous and a squeezy tube is not the most sanitary – which isn’t really an issue if you’re hygienic, I really like that it’s small and light enough to carry or travel around with. It fits in all of my pouches perfectly, even with all the other make-up I carry.


A quick note: Let me just say that this product broke me out AGAIN! As I've said, this is my second time trying the product out since I wasn't sure if it was the reason behind my breakout before.

Let’s talk about the performance of the product.  


Freshly applied, has not set yet. It will be ghostly but give it time to oxidize. *Please ignore my facial expression..

I would say this can go on light to medium coverage. Buildable, but you have to let the first layer set first, which probably takes 5-10 minutes – and trust me it takes that long for it to set and oxidize.

The product already set. No setting powder or primer. I had the flash turned on, so it may look like my face is oily, but it’s not.

I did get a couple of days to test this product out and I tested its longevity in three ways: All on its own, Primer but was not set with powder and Primer with Setting Powder.
-Shawill BB Cream all on its own. I had to run an errand to buy groceries and gifts for a party I was throwing the next day, and I only had little time to prepare my face so I went on ahead with my go-to look, but this time I used the bb cream. Using it all on its own with no primer and setting powder, after all, I’m not really going to take long at the mall – or so, I thought. After an hour of endless shopping, I took a good look at my face and noticed that the product was settling on to my smile lines, the sides of my nose and on the crease of my lids – but it wasn’t that visible so I didn’t really mind. I checked back when I got home two hours later. I wore the BB cream a total of three hours and… it settled onto the natural lines of my face and I got oily on my nose and the coverage for the scars faded.
-Primer but not set with powder. Same thing, only it lasted two hours longer.
-Primer, BB Cream and setting powder. Lasted for a total of 7 hours without the coverage fading.

I love the finish that this gives. True to one of its claims, the product finishes with a natural dewy glow once it has settled on to the skin. It makes the skin look healthier. Here’s another photo of its finish, bear in mind that it was not set with powder or any setting spray.

Other observations.
The product feels really thick and somewhat sticky when you put it on but after it sets – which is usually 5-10minutes, depends on the humidity – it feels very light, almost like I have nothing on. Almost. It transfers to clothes. Blends the best with fingers, but evenly blends as well with flat top brushes. The beauty blender or any sponge does not cooperate well with this product.

Will I repurchase?
Nope. As much good as it is, I won’t repurchase because it did cause my break outs. I confirmed because this time, I am using a skin routine that works for my face and it was the only new product that I changed.

Do I recommend it?
Well, if you don’t have a sensitive and acne-prone skin like I do, then go for it. It is after all a solid steal. All of that good bits and bobs I just mentioned for the price of 168.00PHP? Who doesn’t want that?
Bear in mind though that if you have sensitive skin, this product has Dimethicone which is a type of silicone that may irritate the skin causing breakouts.

-Make sure you carry blotting sheets with you throughout the day you wear this product, especially if you have oily skin. Even if you set it with a powder, throughout the day, you will still get some oils seeping through. Blotting sheets are better than caking your face with powder
-Can act as a concealer; Dab first on the blemishes on your face, blend it out and wait for it to set. Once set, you can then put on a layer of the product as a whole.
-Wait for it to settle on the skin first before applying a setting powder.

And that’s it for my long review of the Shawill BB Cream. If you have a product, you would like for me to review, leave a comment down below.

Thanks for tuning in!


  1. Noooo! That's too bad! I have this one too and me thinks this is the reason I'm breaking out as well :( I mean 168 come ohhnnn. :) Thanks for the review!


  2. I know! It was such a steallll!!! It's so sad it didn't work out for me. Imagine my hopes crushed when I confirmed that it was the culprit behind my break-outs.
    You're welcome and taking the time to read! ;) - Darlie



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